Welcome to Stockdale Christian School.  For over 40 years, SCS has been striving to make Jesus Christ a reality in the hearts and lives of each one of our students through quality Christian education within our academics, as well as our enrichment programs.


We believe that the home, church, and school must partner together to train young men and women to be followers of Christ.  As such, Stockdale Christian is a school that is dedicated to discipleship training for those students who come from a Christian home where the parents are born again and are living for the Lord.  


We invite you to be a part of the Stockdale Christian community.  We look forward to serving you. 


Highest Regards,

Mr. Ferris

Interim Superintendent

Stockdale Christian School

About Stockdale Christian School


Stockdale Christian School exists to educate students from Christian families, leading students to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, achieve excellence, and serve others.



Stockdale Christian Schools was established to provide a quality Christian educational program on the highest spiritual, moral and academic levels. It provides students a true perspective of their lives, world, and universe, as revealed through the Holy Scriptures; to inculcate in each child, with the cooperation of home and church, the moral strength, spiritual insight, and academic integrity necessary to live a life that would bring glory and honor to God.


Stockdale Christian School is one of the few schools in Bakersfield that is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), and CITR (Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation).


Stockdale Christian School was first accredited in 1984 and has continued through scheduled visits by the accrediting committees. Each visit resulted in the school receiving a 6 year accreditation term, the longest term a school can receive.  When an accreditation team visits a school, they scrutinize every area of the school program including mission, philosophy, curriculum, faculty, finance, facility, school services, etc.  Each team visit concludes with the visiting team identifying commendations and recommendations for the school to address.  This positions the school to continually improve and refine its program.


Accreditation is important to parents, because it provides evidence that quality exists in its program.  Stockdale Christian School is pleased with its superior record of maintaining its accredited status since 1984.  It is our desire to provide the very best in Christian education.


Stockdale Christian School is a ministry of Bakersfield First Assembly. It is governed by a Board of Directors, who are appointed by the church Board of Directors. Board members must be born again believers. Each member must also be a member in good standing of Bakersfield First Assembly, and demonstrate the qualities of Christian character that we seek to develop in our students. Board members serve a three year term and may serve one more term if appointed. The Board's primary functions are to exercise spiritual leadership, establish school policies, approve the annual budget, and generally promote the well-being of the school.

parent teacher fellowship

PTF is the Parent Teacher Fellowship Board here at Stockdale Christian. The general purpose of the fellowship is to provide an organizational structure through which parents, teachers, administrators, staff and board of Stockdale Christian School can work together to strengthen and enhance the spiritual and educational objectives of the school. 

All SCS parents and guardians are more than welcome to attend our monthly PTF meetings, typically held the second Monday of the month. Please join us from 1:00-2:30 in the Fireside Room, located downstairs in the Family Ministry Center.



Spiritual Support:

To uphold the school in prayer.



To develop and implement an annual program of fundraising to assist the overall school program. We have provided funds to the school, teachers and various groups on campus.


Classroom Support

To provide a support system to the classroom teacher through the organization of Room Parent Coordinator(s) and Room Parents.


Activities/Extracurricular Support

To lend support as appropriate in a variety of situations such as transportation, parties, field trips, etc.


Family Services Outreach

To lend support as appropriate helping SCS families in need.


Spirit Shirts

Every Friday is designated as SPIRIT DAY. Your student may forgo his uniform shirt and opt to show his or her spirit with the SCS Spirit Day tee shirt. It is NOT mandatory but optional and remember the Spirit tee may ONLY be worn with uniform bottoms, please NO DENIM.


"Spirit Day" tee shirts are available through the PTF. All proceeds help to support our computer lab, keeping it updated and new. The tees are available in youth and adult sizes.


Jr. High ONLY has planned participation "FUN EVENTS" on spirit day, BUT only those who are wearing their Spirit Tee can participate.



Do you or someone you know own a business? Please let us know if you would like to donate items or gift certificates to our Basket Extravaganza held during our Fall Carnival. Contact the Carnival Committee.



Are you interested in serving as an Officer on the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Board? How about a Committee Chair position? Do you just want to help in a smaller capacity and serve on a committee?


See the list of open Officer and Committee Positions with brief job descriptions located in the office. Complete the interest/nominating form. Most of the positions are flexible enough to work around your busy schedule. Many positions can and should be shared.


Remember, expressing an interest is not a formal commitment to accepting a position. If you are somewhat interested, please, prayerfully consider volunteering your time, and if you've always wanted to get involved, here's your opportunity to show your child the importance of getting involved, having fun and meeting new people! Now is the best time to JUMP IN!!!

Ways to get involved with PTF

Family Services Ministry:  A service from SCS families to SCS families in need. Please sign up to make an occasional meal for SCS families in need.

Fundraising Teams

We would love to have your help on our Counting Teams and Prize Teams during our Fall Fundraiser, Jog-a-Thon, and Xtreme Games.

SCS Carnival

Join our Carnival Prep Team creating a fun filled family event for our school!

+++If you are interested in joining the PTF team, please contact PTF  by emailing them at ptf@stockdalechristian.com, or contacting the school office.

PTF Officers and Board Members

President - Erin Wilcox

First Vice President - Kristen Taylor-Fundraising Coordinator

Second Vice President - Elizabeth Quick-Carnival

Secretary - Jennifer Veith

Treasurer - Amy Plantenga

Hospitality-Milena Nord

Family Services Coordinator - Erika Romanini-Carnival Basket Chair

Publicity Chair-Katie Oldenkamp

Uniform Exchange Committee Chair-Patricia Ruiz

Room Parent Coordinator - Amy Beagle

Teacher Representative - Felicia Patton

Administration Representative - Denise Poe and Shannon McNeill

Administration Representative-Shannon McNeill

Adminisration Representative-Denise Poe

School Board Representative - Connie Hawley