Welcome to Sixth Grade at SCS!

6th grade is a formative, transitional year for students.

We facilitate this transformational age with a more autonomous existence on campus, bridging the gap as students prepare to move from elementary to middle school. Students in 6th grade still have recess and lunch with elementary grades, but they participate in weekly chapel with 7th – 8th grade students. They also may choose one elective per week wherein they may participate in class with other middle school students. Their core classes and other enrichment opportunities are conducted within their own 6th grade environment.

This is a pivotal year for social development – learning that more independence comes with more responsibility and changes in friendships due to differences in development. Spiritually, 6th grade students begin their journey of developing a biblical worldview. This year, then, culminates with a trip to Hume Lake in the spring, where they are challenged in these areas.

Meet the 6th Grade Teachers!

Mr. Cox
History, Bible

Mrs. Patton

Mrs. Barrett
Language Arts

Mr. Hector Chavez

6th Grade Curriculum Guide

For more details about sixth grade activities, electives, enrichment opportunities, class schedules and curriculum, click on the link below to view and download the 6th Grade Curriculum Guide.