Welcome to Seventh Grade at SCS!

In 7th grade, students gain more responsibility and independence. They are challenged and learn to excel in their academics as they develop greater critical thinking skills. They participate in weekly chapel with 6th-8th grade students. They also dress out for PE classes and may choose two electives per week, which change every quarter. This exposes students to various skills and information, allowing them to explore other interests.

Because they are at an age in which they are constantly changing, 7th grade can be a socially challenging year. Students learn to navigate new and changing friendships, and they need much guidance and mentoring in various topics, such as self-esteem and in navigating social media.

Meet SCS’ 7th Grade Teachers!

Mr. Shane Davidson
Accelerated Pre-Algebra

Dr. Ruth Hierlmeier
Language Arts

Mrs. Felicia Patton

Mrs. Earlene Brooks

Ms. Alicia Woods
Pre-Algebra A

Mr. Hector Chavez

7th Grade Curriculum Guide

For more details about seventh grade activities, electives, enrichment opportunities, class schedules and curriculum, click on the link below to view and download the 7th Grade Curriculum Guide.