Welcome to Eighth Grade at SCS!

During this pivotal year as students are preparing for high school, 8th grade students begin to see the world, evaluate what they’ve been taught, and decide for themselves what is truth. We seek, through mentoring and guidance, to solidify a belief and understanding of our world through the biblical lens.

Over the past several years, our 8th grade students have been assessed at an average of two grade levels above our surrounding public schools in reading. As our graduates go on to high school, 90% are placed in math classes at their grade level or higher. In recent years, an average of 50% of them are entered into math classes above grade-level and/or honors classes/GATE programs.

Meet SCS’ 8th Grade Teachers!

Mr. Davidson
Advanced Algebra & Science

Dr. Hierlmeier
Biblical Worldview and Writing

Ms. Alicia Woods
Pre-Algebra B and History

Mr. Hector Chavez
Algebra 1

Mrs. Kyla Barrett
Language Arts

8th Grade Curriculum Guide

For more details about eighth grade activities, electives, enrichment opportunities, class schedules and curriculum, click on the link below to view and download the 8th Grade Curriculum Guide.