Welcome to SCS Kindergarten!

We believe Kindergarten is a pivotal time for children as they grow from toddlers and preschoolers to becoming “for reals” students here at Stockdale Christian School. Kindergarten sets the foundational learning discipline within children to continue growing and learning in all their future education.

Robert Fulghum wrote All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. We believe this to be true in the sense that our kindergartners learn the fundamentals of kindness, teamwork, cooperation, sharing, generosity and respect among so many other valuable character traits.

The most important part of this foundation of good character lies in the teaching about Jesus and what the Bible says about God and how He shapes our character.

We’re proud of all our little kindergartners! It’s a true joy to watch them graduate and develop as they advance and progress through elementary and middle school here at SCS!

Ready, Set, Go!

Our Kindergarten program is an outstanding academic start to SCS. The reading program, published by ABEKA Books, is the finest phonics curriculum in the country, producing fluent readers their first year. Each of our three Kindergarten classes is taught by a full time teacher, and a part time assistant. They are supported by parent volunteers each morning, which provides great personal attention for our students. Other subjects include Bible, math, writing, language, science, history, music, art, physical education and computer. We also offer programs like before/after school daycare, field trips, and special school performances. For information about enrolling your child in Kindergarten, please go to our Admissions page.

Teachers and Staff

Ms. Bridgette Logsdon

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